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For Insurance Professionals: - ready to cash up?

We are experts at purchasing your client book to maximise your return.

  • Flexible Options: Upfront purchase or leasing options depending upon your requirements

  • Peace of mind: to know that your clients will be given ongoing service into the future

What is my client book worth?

This depends upon a range of factors such as the type of servicing record you have, your overall persistency, the type of products, average age of the clients or the percentage outside the usual 24 month claw-back period. The purchase price of your book is expressed as a percentage of the renewal income that it generates. Typical values as at May 2014 run from 3 times to 6 times renewal.

What if i am not ready to sell / retire?

An upfront sale is where you receive a lump sum payment and we buy your client book. We look after your clients from then on. There are also other options available. If you want capital but would still like to have involvement with your clients, then our "mutual partnership agreement" might be best for you. In this instance we agree on a reduced upfront purchase price, and you retain rights to service your clients.  If you do not want to lose your renewal income right away but no longer wish to service your clients, our "book leasing agreement" might be best. In this instance we agree on a future sale price, you retain the bulk of the renewals, we implement systems to maximise your book value by growing and servicing your client base, and we then purchase from you at an agreed upon date.

What size of client books is Strategic Advice looking for?

We are ready to buy. Whether your client book is 50 or 5000 give Damian a call for a confidential chat 09-972 1841.